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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 19, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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judgment, emotions boil over after an officer learns his fate for shooting a dog at a dog park. >> tonight, his punishment and why it's generating outrage. hello everyone i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> a federal officer stood trial for shooting a dog at an anne arundel dog park. the officer is getting off without jail time. >> reporter: courthouse security tried to push wjz cameras away from federal
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police officer keith sheppard, protecting him from questioning just after a judge gave him probation. the judge said there was evidence to convict sheppard for firing a weapon too close to hopes but gave him a break. sheppard's record will be cleared. he has to do some community service and pay a fine. sheppard's attorney on the judge's decision. >> he saw this type of situation was unusual. that's why he granted him the benefit of probation. the incident unfolded at a dog park. sheppard was there off duty with his wife and dog. and he says bear bear tried to atang him. >> i'm an off duty federal police officer, i just discharged my weapon to a dog that was attacking my dog. >> it was an excessive use of force under the circumstances. >> bear bear's owner refused to speak about the verdict. but animal lovers who supported
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him was angry believing sheppard got off easy with no jail time. >> it he comes to a dog park, where children are, with a gun and shooting a dog. the dog is dead. >> reporter: and thousands joined a facebook group supporting bear bear. his owners have since adopted two more huskies. reporting from district court, mike hellgren, eyewitness news. sheppard moved from the neighborhood after he received threats. he cannot appeal the judge's decision. the verdict is in, a townsend gas station owner sister-in-law has been charged. today jurors found susan betta guilty of gun and conspiracy
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charges. prosecutors say her sister porter's wife carla was the master mind. if you are going to fly you have to do a full body scan or body pat down, but not your pilot. kelly mcpherson has the story. travelers are protesting heightened security measures of complete body scans and personal pat downs after a san diego traveler posted this on you tube. >> i don't understand how sexual assault assault can be made a condition of my flying. >> reporter: we met one maryland traveler who had the pat down at new york's la guardia airport and thinks it's a good thing. >> it's a little uncomfortable, but it's okay. >> who would want somebody's
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hands up in their crotch area. i know i wouldn't. >> if they can do something else like some kind of body scan, that would be good. >> reporter: on friday the tsa said pilots with two forms of id will not be scanned. >> i don't mind as long as i'm safe. >> reporter: a police officer who lost his brother on 9/11 disagreed. >> safety comes first. you don't want to be in my position. for something tragic to happen and your loved one was there. and finally there's something to prevent it. this is one of the steps that we need to take to prevent the bigger tragedy. >> everybody can be assured with high confidence that everybody else in that flight has been properly screened.
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back your patience if you're traveling on the ground. wednesday will likely be the worse of it. major constructions won't help matters. >> at the delaware toll plazas, with that additional construction going on, there will likely be additional delay, additional back ups. >> drivers should travel between 6:00 in the morning and 10:00 at night to keep traffic flowing. police are looking for a person who stabbed a high school student. a 16-year-old got into an argument with a group of other kids when someone stabbed him in the back. that teen is in serious condition tonight at the
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hospital. a bandit grabs a purse right out of a woman's arms and it happened in the middle of a busy baltimore county grocery store. police say this is the man they are looking for. he walked right into the giant, snatched a woman's bag then ran off. and it may not be the only time he has struck. baltimore county police are investigating similar reports from pikesville. >> a mortgage relief firm in maryland is shut down after it's accused of scamming the homeowners they were supposed to be helping. according to our media partner the baltimore sun, phillips residential relief foundation posed as a federal relief foundation. they charged $200 a month claiming they could reduce mortgage payments. well it gave us a term friending people. now facebook is giving ticket master some competition. one of the first business to use a new feature on the site
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is here in baltimore. wjz is live at power plant live. facebook is taking over ticket sales, kai -- >> [audience difficults ] >> reporter: they lined up, they got tickets and then got a the ticket to prove they paid. facebook is also a star. that's because on friday night, the popular concert venue started selling tickets through its facebook page. >> if you don't keep us with what's popular, especially
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news. but you don't think it's a bad idea to sell tickets through facebook? >> no not at all. because that's where the majority of people are at right now. >> reporter: this facebook isn't actually selling the tickets online but it's more or less acting as a link. call it one stop shopping. >> it's an application for a facebook that streamlines all of our selling information into that application and makes it accessible on facebook. >> i think it's pretty cool actually. anybody can get tickets out, immerse yourself, it's cool. -- the acts to the reality show ace of cakes. our media partners of the media sun report the hit show will end after its tenth season. that begins airing on january.
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the show follows gormon and it's crew. santa claus is coming to town. in fact, santa claus has arrived. that's a lot of santa claus. with a lot of fanfare chris cringle arrived in style. he will spend the season in his newly renovated palace. his interharbor home has been redone with energy efficient led lights. i wonder if that's part of that big christmas rockett show. >> i picked up a salad and i saw santa claus at the food court. >> no way, what was he eating?
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>> i don't want to say, that's his personal thing. pizza. four people are killed during an off road race through the desert. what a review shows could have been done to stop it. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning forecast coming up next. was about to become a proud mom. until a seemingly innocent posting on the internet brought her face to face with evil. >> i can't believe that somebody could do something like this. >> and led to a crime so shocking it's hard to imagine. heather's story, next. ,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] baltimore.
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it is 35 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. as we look at santa's house. the complete forecast warning weather is coming up. believe it or not, this was an agriculture co-op building, it exploded and caused a huge fire. melted forklifts and a demolished grain truck were left inside. there were no injuries as employees were able to education cape just in time. fall out for a government agency over a deadly off road race in california. in august, eight spectators were killed when one of the vehicles plowed into the crowd. the bureau of land management says their staff failed to get a detailed operation plan from the race promoter. and a ranger assigned to the event did not properly monitor it. the race was held on government
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land on the mohabe desert. criminal charges against the member of a football team for assaulting a female student. it happened on campus outside the student center and cafeteria. a school spokesman said what started out as a friendly group conversation turned ugly when the victim made disparaging remarks about the player. he is not being identified and is being held on second degree assault charges. two weeks after a woman moves into the area, that woman is killed by another woman who wanted her unborn child. her father has a warning. >> just looking at that girl was like looking at evil. corina roberts changed schneider's life forever. the moment he murdered his
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daughter heather who was eight months pregnant. roberts lured snively to her home. killed her and cut out her unborn child. >> instead of celebrating the first christmas this year, we were missing them. and it was tough. >> reporter: he says his daughter was a trusting young woman. she never met a stranger. this home video provides a rare glimpse of the heather as he remembers her, innocent. outgoing, she saw the best in everyone. he says his little girl was excited about the birth of her own child. she had already named him john steven. >> she would come back to the doctor and she would send a picture of the sonogram to everybody. >> reporter: and he believes heather's trusting nature led to her death. just days after moving from maryland to oregon, heather began looking for items for her
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baby over the internet. that's where she met roberts on the internet who offered her baby items for free. she never knew robertson had tried to lure other pregnant women to her home. >> she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: robert's cut out her baby then shoved her in a crawl space. >> she's got a tough road ahead of h her. >> reporter: to this day, heather's dad cannot shake the emotional pain. >> i cannot believe somebody can do something like this. especially to a wonderful girl like my daughter. she had everything to live for. it's unbelievable. >> for what she did to heather, roberts will spend the rest of her life in prison. >> i hope i've forgiven her, it's almost impossible really. this unbelievable crime has happened to at least four other
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women around the country. earlier this month in prince george's county, a woman was sentenced to 25 years in prison for trying to cut a baby from another woman's womb. actor wesley snipes is ordered into federal custody after a judge refuses to grant him a new trial on tax related crimes. snipes was convicted in 2008 of willfully failing to file his income tax returns. he was free on bond during the appeal. but the actor will begin serving his three year prison sentence. he had just started filming a new movie. she likes the movie 40-year- old virgin but doesn't like american idol. and she just might make a run at the next presidency race. >> i'm looking to whether it's a good thing. >> if she ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> she of course is sarah
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palin. the former governor of alaska is releasing a new book. the book officially debuted tuesday but exerts were leaked today. it caused a buzz at the world cup but it will be silenced for tomorrow's yale game. the vuvuzela's have been banned. one student says he is now stuck with 700 vuvuzela as he planned to sell them. and we're happy to tell you that jessica cartalia is a new mommy. they are calling h him drew. he checked in at 7 pounds. mom and dad and little drew are all doing very well tonight.
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>> sound asleep. >> he sure was. >> congratulations. wonderful. >> he was sleeping through his own introduction. hello jessica and your family, congratulations. great great thing. let's take a look at the weekend. it looks like it's been pretty nice. 35, no wind at all. so it feels like 35. no wind at all any where to tell you the truth. 32 in cumberland, 42 in dc. at the airport and ocean city which is away from the beach, right on the beach it's still in the mid-40s. 29 dewpoint, that means it's possible. with the wind picked up overnight tonight. some areas could get down to 30, 31 degrees going overnight. very light winds but they're
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beginning to shift a little bit more from the southwest. and that will bring in milder air tomorrow. we might get close to 60 for a few hours. tomorrow afternoon, pretty mild afternoon a lot of sunshine. to the west there's a weak front that's going to cross our region tomorrow night. with it it will bring a little bit of wind. once it passes on sunday, temps go back up again. so up and down this weekend. but it's going to be a dry weekend, mostly sunny. right now clear skies around the region. no real weather. so it's a mild air moving in as this high moves off the coast. then some cool air comes in for sunday. but by monday, another shot of southwest winds making it everyone milder. tuesday, a brief shower but we might get up in the mid-60s again. west southwest winds five to 15. and bay temps around 54. tonight, generally clear. 33 is our average, tomorrow lots of sun, breezy, milder up
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to 58 degrees maybe 60. and 51 on sunday. back up to 58 with a few clouds on monday. 65 tuesday, maybe a brief shower and clouds. a slight chance of showers tuesday. a pretty good chance of at least some scattered showers on thanksgiving. then it's going to get cold again by next thursday night. denise. >> okay, thank you bob. check in with gigi barnett starting at 6:00 a.m. for the updated weather forecast. the terps take another shot at victory in the big apple. mark has highlights coming up in sports. ,,,,,, when my husband got sick and couldn't work anymore,
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that's ingredients for life. well, new york city got a look at the terps. >> they got the season rolling. the college kids are already playing. two tough games for the basketball terps. they played in consecutive
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nights in madison square garden. taking on illinois of the big 10 today, second game in the fourth mini tournament. maryland is a young team but one of the freshman appears ready for prime time. terrell sogen he scored 17 too lead the terps. watch him pass the ball down the floor. they finishing with a flying dunk. next game at home against delaware state on tuesday. one last practice in owings mills. chris chester was hospitalized with a skin infection. he is questionable for sunday's game. the ravens are heavily favored to beat the panthers. it is a game you can see right
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here on wjz kick off sunday at 1:00. high school football play off, eastern tech down by six. against city college, tech ties it up on a one yard plunge. with about two minutes to play. city then with a shot to regain the lead. and they hold on to a 7-6 win and advance to the state finals. opening night of prosoccer. the blast kick it off at home against chicago. the visitors get the first goal of the season. the blast battles back. baltimore opens with a 6-10 win over chicago to start their major indoor soccer league season. qualifying today for the final race of the nascar season. homestead, florida, the chase
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for the cup has never been so close. that was the sixth fasters qualifying time in the field, faster than the other two racers vying for the championship. hamlin and harvick. kahne won the poll for sunday's race. >> okay. >> thank you, mark. when they were born they made medical history. made medical history. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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famous group of siblings, the sextuples of iowa if your
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honored 17 today. they made news by being the first surviving sextuplets. all the parents had to say, we're living with six teenagers. >>-- it is currently on display at the museum of natural history. >> it's called the hope diamond,
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